Edinburgh Asperger Blogger Hello

Living and working in the Capitals Candlemaker Row I speak to various folks on a daily basis, since being diagnosed aspie (Late Diagnosis age 47 1/2) thats changed dramatically.

I still love to chew the fat and i’d like to share that, as it’s 1.44am think i’ll turn in early.

Ironically I’m watching a BBC naval history docu about scappa flow, 1915 and the battle with Vice Admiral Beatty and his cruisers that sailed from the Forth and met the german cruiser fleet at “Dogger Bank”. The presenter David Hayman is interviewing one of our customers.

“Wireless communications was in its infancy so”….. oh i must hit record and hit the sack.

War at Sea: Scotland’s Story… is a gripping documentry, the defences and fortifications in the Firth of Forth is a particular fascinating subject, and I can personally recomend taking the Maid of the Forth for a cruise around the islands….

Finally this morning….

Just finished publishing this free community street art event…

Street Art Interactive Wall Mural – Candlemaker Row

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