Q. How did u doo Lackdhu

A. is for Aspergers

Many people have asked where i’ve sourced the interior and exterior shop fittings from so lets start with the 1986 BSA cycle which was found in my neighbours hedge! And from then on items such as the real birds nest (discarded) quite literally land at my feet…

The paint is inspired by the classic british army green with a nice touch of gold, different, it’s called aspergers. More about the wall sign which used to be mounted on a tree trunk but had to be adapted due to the A board ban.

The hanging ivy, yellow blossoms and wisteria flowers, sunflowers, butterflies etc in store and on this “Enchanted Entrance” are from Amazon.co.uk

Natural Scottish Wood Worktops

Realwood Studios – Jedburgh

Waney edge trees were sourced from Realwood Studios Jedburgh in the Scottish borders. It’s what they have in stock or what has fallen naturally, in this case we sourced some really nice Scottish Oak & Ash.

Removable Door Garland – Ivy, Floral & Fauna

Just in time for the fringe I added a removable garland thingy mi jig….. I used some 25mm square timber from the store and made a wee frame and stapled the fauna with a hint of randomness.

The Ivy and floral pieces were mainly sourced from amazon.co.uk in 60ft (10 ft x 10 lths ) quantities so you can’t just buy one but that would be enough to add a touch of forest to any room.

Treee Cones are from the woods to the rear of Duns Parish Churchyard! Amazing woodland.

AS for the Gable end wall that has been regulary vandalised for the last 14 years, this year after much harrasment and online trolling over our Harry Potter tributes we removed all information regarding the “Original Diagon Alley” and the “J K Rowing Window” which are Diagonally across the street from “Harry Potter’s Graveyard” or Greyfriars churchyard as we locals call it…. More and possibly a whole blog on Harry Pottery Later…

Real Broomstick – not a nimbus

Ah theres is so much to write about, the broom stick in the window is a real magick broomstick constructed during a full luna moon and is hanging near the silver birch tree tops where watching wood spirits like to hide. More on Highland Myths, stories and legends later….

to be continued…

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