magic wand in wood

Wands in the Witch Woods

These Scottish handmade hardwood wands are looking good in this wood! Most of my wands are natural tree fall and sourced on my travels from all over Scotland. Some have naturally dried for over two years and the hours at the lathe in the workshop on Candlemaker Row blah blah blah!

Now its time to design and make wall mounted frame display boxes… with lights of-course.

Black Ebony Wood Wand

Black Ebony Wood Wand - Made in Candlemaker Row - "The Original Diagon Alley"
Wood Sourced from

I often walk my pooch Sadie @CavapooAdventure in the various woods and paths around Edinburgh and in particular Arthurs Seat & Holyrood Park, so what better way to display handcrafted Wands by balancing them on branches near Duddingston woods.

Polishing Ebony Wood Wand on Lathe

I always think its a good idea to keep looking behind you if your out on a photo shoot, and behind me is the Firth of Forth with views down to the Bass Rock and as far up as the Fife coast.

White Ash Wand

white ash wand made in the original diagon alley - Edinburgh
Scottish Ash Wood

Scottish Hardwood

Birch Wood Wand

birch wood wand
Birch Wood Wand – Holly Tree

Scottish Birch Wood Wand

birch wood wand made in Scotland
Wood on Wood

Wee Log on a Lathe

For you Aspergers…

More to come after some box making, research on instagram is proving useful but there are so many distractions and some amazing wand boxes. If your a wand maker or fan and on instagram please follow @aspergersartist or @lackdhu and say hello. Any info or tips on display boxes is gratefully appreciated.

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