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Exhibition from the spectrum

An exhibition of my images and quotes from autistic followers on instagram.

I use my art to raise awareness through social media, customer interaction and informative posts online and at my workplace Lackdhu store on Candlemaker Row, a popular store with locals and visitors from around the globe.

“I’ve watched people find hope after they are seen for who they are, so thank you to all of you.”

My best description for the frequency of my spectrum…

“Most of us (high Functioning) have to deal with a constant creative stream of visually stimulating thoughts leading to sensory overload, confusion and frustration.”

I speak to folks from near and far far away that visit our store. With a combination of residing and working in the Old Town and my Aspergers I would talk to locals about the fascinating grassmarket etc. I talked to a lot of the specialist traders that trade in Edinburgh’s Olde Towne and take my camera, that list would include cafes and food stops as well as Tweed Specialists, Kilt Makers and Bagpipe Makers.

Its a bit like being a tourist everyday… (Which is why was created etc. etc. etc…)

Daft Jamie fae the Grassmarket

I read and re-searched the accounts of Daft Jamie (Who had a typical on the spectrum life.) alias James Wilson of the Grassmarket, murdered by the Famous Burke & Hare. It is written he could perform “Rainman” type calculations in an instant on request, but only recently I read the PENN PRESS LOG which confrmed my educated aspie guess, he was on the spectrum!

Jamie frequented Surgeons Square in Edinburgh much to the amusment of the local gentry who invited him to perofrm his calculations in return for food and drink. Being of unusal character he was not employed, he would pace barefoot all over the Old Town, if he moved in different circles he may have been called eccentric, and considering his well known status in the community history tells us it was a truly daft decision that Burke & Hare murdered a well known character with learning difficulties from the community.

Eccentricity Vs Aspergers

I was reading wikipedia articles today and discovered an article about eccentricity….

Exhibition Specturm

#Aspiesofinstagram quotes



When I was diagnosed as autistic, I didn’t know any other autistic adults. 
The only autistic people I knew about were the 5 year old nephews that friends talked about…

When I found an online community of Autistic adults, I felt like people saw me. Over and over again, I’ve watched people find hope after they are seen for who they are, so thank you to all of you telling your stories and for helping other autistics feel less alone #hazelwoodconsulting

helping other autistics…



She’s still here…

One person will not bring change into our communities. Spreading some #autismawareness and #autismacceptance to my local library and park district. Imagine what would happen if all of us #actuallyautistic adults did this. Programs and services aren’t going to happen for 1 person. Contact your chamber of commerce by email or phone and share your story. Tell them what you envision. 
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“Autism is Exhausting.”


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Gary Mckenzie images…

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